Whether you are an employee who wants to change career, final year student/fresh graduate entering the labour market or a high school student entering university, Frank can help you understand and choose fulfilling career/programme based on your experience, academic background or passion.

Employee counseling has become critical part of contemporary businesses in maintaining employees’ emotional and psychological adaptability and attracting and retaining best employees and increase the quality of the workforce.

Employees in today's fast-paced corporate world can be stressed, depressed, and suffer from too much anxiety arising out of workplace related issues like managing deadlines, meeting targets, lack of time to fulfill personal and family commitments, relationship issues or bereavement.

Companies are recognizing the need to integrate counseling services in their organizations and making it a part of their culture to offer counselling services to their employees.

With thoughtfulness, empathy and sensitivity, Frank as human resource professional works professional counsellors and psychologists to provide external service such as Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to help individual employees who have technical, personal and emotional adjustment problems interfering with their work performance to overcome those challenges. The main objective is to help employees decrease their emotional problems at the workplace.