Ushers and Greeters are often the first representatives of the congregation whom visitors encounter when entering the church, and they are responsible for conveying lasting good impression of the church.  Yet, their ministry is often underestimated, lacking recognition including proper training.

Training ushers and greeters enhances their competencies, develops their confidence and makes them feel recognized and important.

Frank and his team pay critical attention to developing great ushers for awesome service by providing thought-provoking and hands-on ushering skills training to suit present-day church. 

Training package includes:

  • Usher’s toolkit – complete guide for Ushering team leaders                                                                             Ushering Skills For Church Ushers
  • Becoming Ushers and Greeters of excellence
  • Ways Churches drive away first-time visitors
  • Becoming a Civil Usher

Ushering skills training topics cover the following:

  • History of ushering
  • Spiritual significance of ushers
  • Ushering as a Ministry (Importance)
  • Users’ role
  • Qualities of an Usher – who can become an usher
  • How to ‘guesterize’ your church
  • Professional meet and greet
  • Customizing your welcome
  • Ushers art of communication – verbal and non-verbal
  • Handling special service, events or emergencies.
  • How to go beyond first impression to lasting impression